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Towel Kit Louloup (NEW)


9.Kit Louloup
10.Towel Kit Louloup
15.Towel Kit Louloup
towel kit
towel kit Louloup
40.towel kit Louloup
50.Towel Kit Louloup
towel kit Louloup
60.Towel Kit Louloup
70.Towel Kit Louloup
75.towel kit Louloup
90.towel kit louloup
95.Towel Kit Louloup
100.towel kit Louloup
110.towel Kit Louloup

Crazy wolf is now a Towel. Baby become a Louloup (Crazy wolf) when he get out of the bath!!!

Size 75 cm / 75 cm.

Washcloth : High : 20 cm