Crazy Stacking Cups Wolf

This toy is 3 or 4 games in 1.

You can build your pyramid starting from the bigger the cow until the smallest the little chick. The little chick contain a very cute electronic sound Cui cui cui cui.....
You can also play as cups in the other way as pyramid. To put inside smaller and smaller. To the end, all the animals are in the cow body.
You can also play to "where is the... chick?" hidden under a bigger animal. Babies do like to discover after hide something.

And as Paco below in the video, you can destroy all after making the pyramid.

Paco show you how to play with :

Paco do like to destroy all after making the pyramide !!

Here is the whole presentation of the game and differents way to play. (Sorry it is actualy only in French, but soon.... in English too!:

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