• Woodours Bowl Our melamine bowl features the fun shape of Baby Bear. Little ones will delight in taking food from Baby Bear’s tummy and putting it into their own! Size (...)
  • The Woodours plate ! This melamine plate features high sides (perfect for learning self-feeding) and is decorated with bright Woodours illustrations. Size : 21 (...)
  • The Woodours mug ! This melamine mug features two handles and a tight-fitting lid, decorated with bright Woodours illustrations.
  • Baby bear’s spoon... This melamine spoon is the perfect companion to the Woodours Bowl or Plate.
  • All around the cup, baby can recognize the characters of the story. The bird, squirrel and Tizours ... With all around the attractive patterns of the collection (...)
  • Ready for a nice walk with dady in the forest.

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