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All Ebulobo collection of toys and products are developped with the highest standards of quality and in strict compliance with European standards.
All our products are tested by external laboratories, and meet European standards such as EN 71 Part 1-2-3. Phthalates-Cadmium-Azo-Cem.
All fabrics and dyes used in our products are guaranteed without the presence of azo elements and heavy metals. therefore non-toxic.
For each new manufacturing our products, Supervisors approved laboratories with whom we collaborate, monitor and inspect the goods to ensure quality and ensure the safety of our products.

1. But who makes Ebulobo toys?

Long before Ebulobo, in 1994, we created Studio Lelong Lecomte with which we are already inventing lots of fantastic toys. At that time, our toys were all made in the Jura, France, but also in the suburbs of Paris. This local production was very important to us and we wanted to make it sustainable.

But since the early 1990s, the opening up of countries has changed the French industrial and economic landscape, and France’s industrialization has deteriorated.
We have sadly witnessed the closure of several factories including the factories we were working with.
In order for Ebulobo to continue to exist, we had to look to the world’s No.1 toy maker, China, where 80% of the world’s toys are made.

Territory unknown until then, there was no question for Ebulobo not to closely monitor the manufacture of his toys, working conditions and the application of safety standards. This is why Ebulobo regularly travels to China in order to monitor production, maintain good relations with the people who work there and make sure everything is working as desired.

2. How do we control the quality of our products?

When we design and manufacture our products, we always make sure of three things:

Maintain good relations with our manufacturers in order to be able to trust them
If the relationship is important between you and us, the relationship is just as important between us and our manufacturers. Ebulobo therefore travels very regularly to China to visit our factories and maintain a real relationship of trust with them.

Ensure good human conditions in our factories
Each of our factories is inspected by an entity called ICTI, the International Council of Toy Industries. The mission of the ICTI is to ensure toy safety standards as well as the employment and occupational safety conditions of the factories in which the toys are manufactured. To monitor compliance, each factory inspected must match the ICTI code.
From the workplace to the canteen, inspectors ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Ensure the best possible manufacturing and the completion of all applicable tests
To ensure the highest level of safety, every toy we create and manufacture is then subjected to very precise tests before being released for sale.
To inspect our toys, we use a laboratory, SGS, Société Générale de Surveillance, which inspects, analyzes, tests, certifies and verifies each of our products. Each time we create a toy, we send several samples to the laboratory which will examine each component, each material and will simulate the behavior of a baby with the toy: pulling it, biting it, getting it wet, forgetting it at the sun, make him swallow mash ...
All fabrics and dyes used in our products are guaranteed to be free from azo elements and heavy metals, therefore non-toxic.
Thanks to them, we have proof that our toys meet standards and regulations as well as consumer standards.

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