But who is hidden behind Ebulobo ?

Ebulobo is Anne and Ferdinand, 2 designers specialized in the world of children.

Anne was born in Paris in 1967, lived all her childhood in Martinique and in swimsuit but followed her studies in Paris. After a year in History at La Sorbonne, she changed direction and continues her studies in Art School at ESAG first and then the ESDI (Industrial Design School).

Ferdinand was born in Paris in 1969 and did all his studies in the capital. After a while in architecture, he decided to enter l’Académie Charpentier and then the ENSCI (National School of Industrial Creation).

Anne is passionate about creation, toys’ world in all its aspects et most of all the meeting of the industrial and the design.
Ferdinand is passionate about achievement, technical means and most of all the evolution of those means in the creation.

After a while working separately, we decided to become associates in order to create the Studio "Lelong Lecomte designers associés" in Paris.
Very quickly we are more and more interested by the children and our creation are made for them.
We even became parents in 1992 and then 1997 !

Thanks to the Studio, we have created several ranges of toys for DJECO, Fnac Eveil & Jeux, FAGOE, Sport France and some design objects for Decathlon, Issey Miyake and even Yves Saint Laurent !

About Ebulobo

In 2008, we decided to launch Ebulobo to produce and offer our creations to the toy and children’s market.
The name Ebulobo come from a volcano located in the Flores island in Indonesia. For us, the volcano Ebulobo symbolizes the explosion of ideas, sounds like a balloon and illustrates the small bubbles that can appear from a boiling liquid.

Our inspirations

The toy is a tool for development and early-learning
We are fans of children and so we decided to become specialized in toys. The early-learning and the psychomotor development are essential and the first preoccupation of babies when they play.

Ebulobo is conscious that babies don’t only play to make fun but also to learn. With the play, babies take their visual, sound and touch-sensitive stimulation up. They also learn about their own coordination and recognition of the forms and colors.
All those learning processes are fondamental for the good development of children.
Ebulobo develop range of products where each toy match a function, a age bracket and is adapted to babies ability.

Creativity before everything !
Each range of toys has a story which tells something special. The characters we create tell their own adventures.
The idea is to associate the adults around babies so they can help them discover the stories. For each range of toys, we create small book which tells the story of the range. By knowing the story, the parents will be able to play with their child. Through story, communication is better !

In addition, Ebulobo’s collections are created following the trend and fashion. Anne isn’t a real fashionista but loves to follow and use the trend books so Ebulobo can design trendy toys !

Unique and fantastic
Each collection has a message. The Peace and Love collection is about about nature, harmony and organic products. Woodours collection is about the relationship of love between a bear cub and his father !

All Ebulobo’s prints are drawn by Anne. We do not buy them, they are home-made !

Th importance of safety
There is time to create funny characters and collection and a time to make sure our toys are made in accordance with norms of safety.
At each launch of collection, we give products the green light so they meet norms and rules at the european level.

Ebulobo is about overjoyed and great mood creativity which give a great deal of room for imagination and humour !

Even today we share our time between tailor-made creation for other companies in the children’s sector and our creative work within EBULOBO.

Tel : 01 70 68 75 33
Anne: 06 88 56 59 68
Ferdinand : 07 82 54 80 06



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